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The Billion Dollar Roll


The year 2010 will certainly go down in history as the most significant span of success since Market America was founded. By the time 2010 had ended, SHOP•COM was paying registered customers up to 50 percent cash back on qualified purchases made through the web portal.

Paying customers that much to shop was unheard of, especially amidst the country’s continued economic woes at the time.  Fortunately, Market America remained and continues to remain insulated from sudden market swings, as demonstrated by yet another solid year of growth in 2017 and now well into 2018.  

Stats as to 8/28/2018

What SHOP•COM Offers

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  • Cashback program: Pays people to shop!

  • Unlimited comparison shopping: Always find the best price

  • Hot deals & coupons: Save even more with our specials

  • Shop Travel: Powered by Travelocity Incredible Travel & Vacation Deals

  • MyList: Saves favorite products offers auto-reordering

  • Patented eGifts: Electronic gift selector for any special occasion

  • Exclusive MA brands: Hundreds of exclusive and services, customer reviews, product demos

  • Thousands of partner stores: Top retailers like Target, Nike, Apple and more

  • OneCart™ checkout: Quick & easy

  • Easy Navigation: Popular categories to find products fast

  • Social media tools: Interactive blogs, ShopBuddy

  • Custom nutrition services: Discover your own formula

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