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One of the programs that sets Market America | SHOP.COM apart from our competitors is our Cashback program. Think of Cashback as our rewards program, but in all actuality, it’s not even a reward; it’s your right for being in the business. Cashback is the money that you worked hard to earn so it should go back into the consumers product. It’s our way of taking the economy back into the hands of the consumer.

Mark Myers is the Director of Partner Programs at SHOP.COM. Mark recently wrote an article in Retail IT Insights about SHOP.COM’s Cashback program and how it has created a successful shopping experience for the UnFranchise Owner. Below is an excerpt from the article. 

“While there are many sites that offer cash back, they also apply many stipulations and limitations on how and when customers can use their cash back. Look at Ebates: Online shoppers can cash out when they have earned $5.01 or more — but Ebates only offers payouts every three months, with the money online shoppers have earned over the previous quarter. Some might consider this a clunky and inconvenient system. Compare this with SHOP.COM’s Cashback program where customers have better options. Shoppers can leave the money earned in their Cashback account, using these funds only when they want or need to – sort of like a rainy day or holiday savings account. Another option is to have the earnings electronically deposited to their own bank account once they earn $10.00.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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