About Me - Founder/CEO

Hi, I’m Felicia M. Lopes

I am the Founder/CEO of BusyGal, LLC and an Unfranchise Business Owner

Outside of heading BusyGal LLC, I am passionate about the theatrical arts and have over twenty-five years of leadership experience in the areas of general management, event production marketing, media campaign management, corporate communications, public relations, celebrity involvement, creative direction, sponsor relations and media planning. See my professional accomplishments at my website https://www.FeliciaLopes.com.  

So So Why Build the Market America | Shop.com Business...

I have 6 reasons:

  1. It’s part time (8 – 15 hours per week)!

  2. The start-up capital is really low and the return, if the program is followed, is what my efforts make it to be, not what “the job” pays.

  3. I want to empower people through the American Free Enterprise system to take control of their own destinies so as to achieve personal and financial freedom by developing successful businesses – not through brick and mortar, but by click and order!

  4. I see so many of my producer, director, designer, and actor colleagues who have to work at “day jobs” or “hobby jobs” because they don’t have an income from the work they really want to do in theater or film.  For those individuals who have the dream to become substantial players in the theater and film worlds, having a significant income separate from the theatrical project(s) will enhance their ability to chose work that has meaning for them and not just a paycheck.

  5. I am tired of compromising and taking theatrical and events work that simply “compensates me” because I need a check to “pay the rent”!  I want to be able to work on the projects I believe in that have real value to me.

  6. The products are fantastic and have a money back guarantee.

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